André Azevedo & James English Leary

André Azevedo & James English Leary

SIM Galeria


André Azevedo & James English Leary

opening 18 march 11am
from 19 march to 29 april

“Always follow the rhizome by rupture; lengthen, prolong, and relay the line of flight; make it vary, until you have produced the most abstract and tortuous of lines of n dimensions and broken directions.” Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari in A Thousand Plateaus, Capitalism and Schizophrenia 

The work of two young artists, one from Curitiba and the other from New York, offers us an intriguing conversation at the encounter promoted by SIM Galeria next month with the exhibition "Untitled" by André Azevedo and James English Leary. The two artists have opened and dilated the external, peripheral tension between fibers of a surface that dresses and between the surfaces of body parts that sense. They extrapolate the conventional boundaries of strictly geometric formats as they enrich their media transitioning between the two-dimensional of the expographie and the three-dimensional character of their subject-objects: the surface that covers and the body surface that uncovers. The territory and its limits, starting with the observation of one or the other, are mutually traversed by both artists.

André explores the mutable territory of the fabric, of multiple reliefs that adhere the body they enfold reaching its smaller instance: the knot. Which point directions and also displays a tension relationship between surfaces. Textile territories of moving frontiers are traversed in the sense employed by Deleuze, and paths are made that are tied, and even if loose, when strained could strangle passages.

James, in turn, takes off from the canvas boundaries to explore the adjacencies of the body that touches its exterior with arms and fingers. The artist uses the rectangular canvases to make out of it the body itself or even the stage on which the body can enter. In this territory-support, shaped to accommodate protruding attachments, the body is drastically fragmented and reduced to semi-abstract forms. His paintings have an awkward strangeness and tension between what you see, what they say and what you want to feel with them. The fingers and arms are then the intersection of the territories of the body and the senses, boundaries between the subject and the subjective.

André was born in Curitiba and lives and works in São Paulo where he takes a Bachelor course of Visual Arts at the University of Fine Arts in São Paulo. Awarded in 2014 with the 3rd International Emerging Artist Award in Dubai, his most recent solo exhibitions include works at Desmoldes, Ateliê Rua São Francisco, Curitiba and Tropical Reminiscence, Joyce Gallery, Beijing, China. Azevedo also worked with fashion and illustration - areas that dialogue with his artistic production.

James was born in Chicago and besides being a visual artist is also a filmmaker and educator. He won the Tiffany Foundation Award in 2015 and in the previous year was selected as a resident of Mana where his studio is currently located. James's solo exhibitions include "Triple Motherfucker" at Vito Schnabel Projects, New York, "The Joys of Mortgaging Your Future" at Boyfriends, Chicago in 2016 and "Rorschach Rhapsody" at Leyendecker Gallery, Tenerife, Spain in 2015. His work was included at the Whitney Biennial, Greater New York show at MoMA PS1 and at the Sundance Film Festival.